Following Blogs

I am now following a number of Blogs of different interest.  I hope to start posing interesting information soon.  I also have a new Title and cover.

The new military

The President and Congress need to look back at the Founding Fathers and really understand what their and this country is about.

“Every officer and man…to live, and act, as becomes a Christian Soldier defending the dearest Rights and Liberties of his country.”

Second Quote

“I do believe in Almighty God! And I also believe in the Bible.”

Andrew Johnson (1808 – 1875)

Another rainy day and the river is rising. Have a nice Easter everyone.  Larry

My First Blog

I will from time to time place quotes that I feel the contents of should be shared with everyone.  My first quote is from Jean Jacques Rousseau; “Where is the man who owes nothing to the land in which he lives?  Whatever that land may be, he owes to it the most precious thing possessed by man, the morality of his actions and the love of virtue”

As I learn the blog world I hope I will become better at it and understand it’s concepts. Have a good evening!